The Unfortunates.                                                 April 2020-

This is continuing series of carved wood dolls is inspired by the mystery of the wee coffins that were discovered in a cave at Arthur's Seat, near Edinburgh Scotland.

Derek Mistook a Needle


Derek was mending his fishing line. His mind was elsewhere and he grabbed a needle, except it wasn't really a needle. It was Tarantula. Tarantula was not fond of being grabbed and mistook for a needle, so he sank his deadly fangs into poor Derek's hand. Derek will never mistake tarantula for a needle ever again.


Alek Was Kicked By a Mule


Alek was kicked by a mule.

The wound did seethe.

The wound did fester.

The wound did pus.

But alas.

He would not call for aid

and lied down and died 

a most smelly death.


Penelope Tripped and Wailed


The party was quite lovely and the music was enchanting, and Penelope did love dancing and oh! Not so close to the cliff's edge, Penelope! NO!!


Babette Lost Her Leg

Babette lost her leg,

Babette lost her love, 

There was a high bridge,

and she did jump.


Tiny Sweetie Took a Tumble.

Tiny Sweetie was a bit of mischief, he was. Most of the words that Tiny Sweetie heard in his tiny short life were, "STOP!" and "NO!" and "PUT THAT DOWN!". Tottering near the top of the stairs brought forth quite a few shouts, he ignored all of them and down he fell.

tiny sweetie.jpg

Boris Had a Clot


Boris Had a Clot. Nobody knew. Nobody liked him. And he simply slipped away.